A 'Peace' of Hope

Braceletcollage'My dad had two daughters.  He was that guys-guy that had two girly-girls.  Don't get me wrong, he loved his girls but when he found out one of his girls was having a boy, he was ecstatic. Shortly after the arrival of his first grandson, 9 months in fact, another grandson.  To say the man was overjoyed, would be an understatement.

He switched jobs so he could spend more time with his grandsons, but the job was not working out.  He became stressed. A month went by, we would say "just be positive".  Another month went by, we stopped talking about it because we thought it would only add to the stress.  Another month went by as we watched our outgoing dad become a more subdued version of himself.  "It's the stress", we would say.  Finally, he had left his stressful job for another job.  We said, "problem solved". But Dad didn't see it that way.  Not even a week later we lost him to suicide.

Never would we have guessed that our dad, would have chosen that route. Because we knew him.  So only after it happened, we understood that he didn't choose it. If you lost someone to suicide, I think you understand. Do you? Start the conversation.'

Maggie makes bracelets in loving memory of her dad and sells them on etsy, .   A portion of the profits go the the Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention.