Equipping Social Work Students with Suicide Intervention Skills

In January, the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council partnered with Renison School of Social Work to provide the two day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) to all sixty of their BSW students.  This training was made possible because of generous donations from our community.  Bachelor of Social Work students go on to many positions within the helping field most notably in counselling positions.  The WRSPC feels it is imperative for these professions to have suicide intervention skills and Renison agreed to a pilot training.  The results from the students is an overwhelming yes, this needs to be mandatory training and should be included in their schooling.  Before the workshop, 27% said they felt mostly or well prepared and willing to intervene with a person thinking of suicide and 18% said felt mostly prepared or well prepared and able to intervene.   Following the workshop, 100% of the students said they felt mostly or well prepared and were willing and able to intervene.  Renison has been looking at the results with great interest and is looking at how to incorporate the training on an ongoing basis. 

A full copy of the report is attached here.

BSW students at Renison University College