We thank you for considering making a donation to OASP.

But before you reach into your pocket let me tell you about where your money will go:

  • OASP will work hard at linking communities together to ensure there are enough support numbers, information centres and education about suicide.
  • OASP will continue to update its website to ensure you have the most current information and statistical data about suicide.
  • OASP will continue to work at a provincial level towards the prevention of suicide.
  • OASP will collaborate, network and share resources.
  • OASP will increase opportunities for community mobilization and capacity building within the province of Ontario.
  • Most important, OASP will continue to "Talk About Suicide", in an honest and respectful manner.

OASP is a provincial organization completely run by volunteers across the province. We have been in business since 1996. Our Board of Directors is diversified and committed to the organization and its purpose.


Or you can make a donation through Canada
Thank you for your donation. "Suicide is Everybody's Business"